What does HMU mean and What it stands for

You may have read HMU in comments on social media or in chat rooms, but do you know what HMU means? Well, it isn’t a bad or dirty abbreviation but some people has made it very filthy and nasty.

What does HMU Stand for?

HMU Stands for Hit Me Up.

If you heard or read people saying HMU stands for Hold My Unicorn, Hold My Uterus or Hump My Uterus, then you should probably realize that you are on the wrong site reading the definition or you are reading a wrong post.

What does HMU Mean?

As I said HMU means Hit Me Up, and it can be used in many situations. For example, I am bored to death, HMU. That means someone wants you to call him/her or involve in an activity.

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