What does SMH stand for, and What does it mean

SMH is used as slang or short form by many users during chat, and you may also fine SMH as  #tag so social media, like FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram. So What does SMH really mean?

What does SMH Stand for ?

  • Primarily : SMH stands for Shaking My Head
  • Some people also use SMH as Scratching my Head
  • SMH also known as Sydney Morning Herald, that is an Australian news paper, and they also run a website
  • Funny meaning : Sex Might Help (but not used widely)

What does SMH mean ?

Now you already know it stands for Shaking My Head, but when do people use it? SMH is used in annoying, frustrating, and disappointing situation. In other sense, SMH is used to express something is silly, stupid or nonsense.

SMH Examples

Shaking My Head : “The media is spreading fake news. SMH.”

Scratching My Head : “I have no idea where this road goes. SMH.”