What is the name of this song

This is common term that is used by many people when they can’t recognize what song is being played. However, there are various methods to find it.

Ask Siri : Siri, Intelligent Personal Assistant can tell you what song is that. Long press Home key to launch Siri on your iOS device, and say “What is the name of this son.” Siri will find it for you.

TrackID : Track ID is a Song Identifier application for Android Devices. It has been developed by Sony that can recognize any song being played around you. It recognizes even local music in many other languages.

Shazam : Shazam app used to be the first choice when Siri didn’t have the ability to identify songs. Shazam is still a great app that is available for Android as well as iOS.

Google Sound Search : Google search is incapable of tell you Song name, but Android Users can download Sound Search for Google Play app, and use it to find out Whats song is being played.

Cortana on Windows Phone : Cortana is an Intelligent Personal Assistant on Windows Phone as well as Computer. If you are a windows user, ask Cortana “What song is this,” and it will tell you the name and album.