What is PaaS (Platform As A Service)

PaaS is also known as platform as a service reference to the process of renting out the hardware, operating system and storage space to the users all over the internet; it is the hardware version of SaaS, software as a service. SaaS refers to the type of software distribution model where users are allowed access to particular software to use as serve all over the internet. Just like SaaS, platform as a service has enabled users from all over the world to use different component of the operating system, virtual memory spaces and other hardware elements making development and experimentation easy. It is very beneficial especially for developers as they can save their money and time using this. The best and most common advantage is that Features of the operating system can be upgraded easily by this sharing model.

There are always advantages and disadvantages of everything and applies to PaaS. Here are some prominent advantages of this sharing model.

Advantages of PaaS

1. Saves money

The intention behind this sharing model is to save money and provide ease to developers. Developers do not need to buy hardware resources which are quite expensive. Using PaaS, you can use all the resources you require from a vendor or some duration that you require to build your software or application. Once you are finished with your work, you can stop baring the cost.

2. International Exposure

You can obtain the service from all over the world from one or more vendors. You can use different vendors to obtain services rather than relying on one local vendor. You can also find the services a much lower cost due to the much larger competition.  Using PaaS, Service providers from all over the world expose their resources to those who want to use them at the lowest possible rates which are of course a benefit to the developer’s community.

3. Saves Time

Time is the most important asset of all the times. When you use PaaS, you save your time to much extent as it allows you an access to the fast cloud computing services that enable you to rapidly build your application and start targeting your target audience.

4. Cross-cultural environment

When you use the PaaS, you work in the cross-cultural environment. People from all over the world work together and develop applications.  This let people from different fields, expertise and geographical areas to work on something useful and create the innovations in the field of information technology.

5. Easy Up gradations

PaaS enables you to get free and rapid up gradations of software, operating systems and other resources. This is the most common use of the platform as a service and people from all over the world are enjoying its benefits.

There are hundreds of other benefits that you can enjoy using this sharing model. Information technology is touching the new horizons every day and millions of people are working for the betterment and advancement of it. We should take advantages of such algorithm, models, and techniques to make our life easy and advanced.

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