What is SaaS – Software as a Service

SaaS: – Currently, there is a number of software that are released daily and some are pretty cutting edge and very impressive. However, with this impressiveness comes a very complex side to it where the price will usually shoot up and the software might even become very rare. To avoid all of this, there is Software service better known as SAAS. Even though many people might not be aware of this platform, it is one that could be very important and could save you a lot of money while at the same time ensuring that you get the best services and best results.

What is SAAS?

This is a method that has been cut out overtime in which software’s and applications are delivered over the internet through subscription by a vendor or the manufacturer to the consumer. Instead of buying the software and being tasked with the duty of maintaining it, you are simply able to access this on the internet and all the necessary procedures like updating are done for you.  You will not worry about your privacy as no one will be able to access your computer remotely using this platform.

Why should you consider SAAS?

Just as you may be thinking, this is a great service especially for those people that are too busy to sit at their computer and start updating it for ages or those that might not be very tech savvy and would like everything to be done for them like updating. While these two categories of people will seem to be able to enjoy the most of what this service has to offer,

Benefits of SaaS: – It has several benefits that every user is able to enjoy.

  1. There is easier administration since all the computers run on the same standard software making everything compatible with every computer.
  2. The updates are automatic and patching. This ensures that you don’t have to download and install the updates yourself hence the procedure is safer and more secure.
  3. It is more compatible since all the users have the same version of the software making it ideal especially for a business setting.
  4. Considering that the computers are using the same version of the same software, it becomes easier to collaborate several machines since you’re guaranteed that if something is supported on your computer by the same program, the same scenario will apply in all the other computers that are running on the same program.
  5. With the Software as a Service platform, you have global accessibility since the software is run on the internet. That way you can access it anywhere in the world and you can also communicate with the other computers from anywhere in the world that are running on the same software.


Unlike the conventional system of buying software where the buyer simply pays an upfront price for the license, the SAAS system uses a layout known as the Multi-Tenant architecture.

  • Consumers only pay a subscription fee and not for the license.
  • All the users make use of one common infrastructure and code base.
  • The updates are done automatically by the vendor and they are also able to innovate faster allowing for a better and more enhanced experience.

If you’re yet to wrap your mind around SAAS, think of it as the same service offered by a bank. The clients are able to enjoy privacy but the service and the technology used affects all the clients of the bank. This is the same way the Software as a Service (SaaS) operates.