What is FML ?

What does FML Stand for ?

FML Stands for Fuck My Life.

What does FML Mean ?

FML is used when you are very disappointed, because of a bad event, accident etc.. In such case many people use the line Fuck My Life (FML). You may find many users of social media sharing bad event, and those posts have #FML.

Example of FML ?

  • I just can’t believe he dumped me. FML.
  • I lost my job today. FML.

There is a website where people come to share their worst moment, and type “FML.” Other users get two options to vote’ (1) “I agree your life sucks” (2) Second option is different depending on situation, it could be ¬†“You deserved it,” “That Could’ve happened to me,” “But It didn’t.” Visit the website fmylife.com, and you can see bad as well as hilarious posts.