LOL Reddit and Its Different Meanings

I hope you already know what LOL means? However, LOL has different meanings. When we see LOL on Social Media, like FaceBook, Twitter, Reddit etc., the first thing comes in our mind is Laughing Out Load. Well, this is not the only thing you should know.

What you get in Google Search When you type LOL Reddit?

Try typing LOL Reddit in Google, and you will get just a few result for Laughing Out Loads. The first thing you would get in Google is the Reddit Group “League Of Legends.”

So What is League Of Legends (LOL)

League of Legends is an online game that you can play here. Reddit LOL Group (League Of Legends Group), talk about gaming updates, and you can get users feedback, comments, tricks, etc.. If you have any issue about this gameplay, you can also visit Reddit ( seek help in the group.

I hope now you know what LOL is all about. You need to read the post properly before assuming the meaning. Depending on the post, it could be Laugh Out Load or League Of Legends.