What is SPAM (Spamming)

SPAM is a technique of sending of electronic junk emails with unrelated content to unwanted persons. The main purpose of spamming is to advertise the products in the form emails and sending messages continuously from similar websites.

For example, daily we are getting a number of emails into our inbox with different types of advertisement. This advertisement may be offensive and sometimes they are stupid.

Why does SPAM keep coming

It is one of worst business for spammers, they make money through spamming. Sometimes we receive an email that says about an offer, click on it and you are going to win the prize. Some other offers are like click on offer and buy this product. Like this spammers send a number of junk emails to advertise the products.

Let figure out how the spammer earns money from spam emails. If they send a lot of emails, and few email recipients read the mail and buy the advertised product. So it makes to earn a small amount of money. So spammers are sending millions of message and spam keeps coming.

Why we can’t stop spammers

In the modern technology, it has become too easy to send emails. Every computer is connected to the internet and it has a unique address called as internet protocol (IP). To send or receive information from the internet, we have to know its internet protocol address. If we receive a number of spam emails, we can block those by emails by blocking the IP address. The spammer used to change the IP address on regular basis and send spamming emails. So it is one of the biggest tasks to stop the spammers.

Sometimes hackers may hack your website and send spam mails over the Internet. For example, if you are running a website and got hacked, the hacker sends millions of spam mails to millions of people by using your. It effects your site and it will be blocked immediately by your hosting providers.


We are advising not to open and reply to any spam mail. If you open mail and respond or buy to spam, you are confirming that your mail address is active and receives more spamming mails into your inbox.

Filter mail inbox



Mail service provides such as Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff mail, Hotmail etc, this provides are providing a good option to filter spamming mails to a different folder. So if any spam mail gets to us it directly goes to spam folder.