What is Internet

The internet has become a common phenomenon to almost everyone on earth. We use it on a daily basis as a tool and medium for communication, entertainment, and work. It has become part of our li so much so that without it now, the modern society that we have come to know would seize to exist. Internet applications are wide and varied. Additionally, these users seem to be diversifying and increase by the day.

In simple terms “internet” is an interconnection of computers, mobile devices and other appliances that are able to transfer data to each other using standard internet transfer protocols, thus forming a network. Every device that is connected to this network forms part of the net.

Most people are familiar with the internet. But few people have a grasp on exactly what the internet is. The origins and the mechanics of the net is one aspect of the internet that few people know or care to look into. Daily uses of the net have become so widespread and enshrined to our daily lives that most people do not care to know when and where it was created. As long as it is there, the rest as it is said is history.

History of Internet

The Internet is less than forty years old. It came into existence between 1980 and 1985, though the exact date is unknown. However, it should be noted that research into data transfer technologies had started as early as in the 1960’s in the United States of America the United Kingdom and France. The functions of the internet during its infancy were primarily for educational purposes and sharing knowledge generated by different research institutions.

Mechanics of the internet

Access to the world wide web (WWW) is granted by internet service providers by use of WiFi signals, fiber optic cables, 3G, and 4G networks as well as dial-up devices such as the modem. Large Internet companies called tier 1 networking companies share the connectivity with each other through peering agreement. It is from this company where the Net service provider links up with other global network and servers and subsequently link the end users to the Internet.

Commercialization of the Internet

The early 1990’s saw the emergence of commercial internet service providers. This was the beginning of commercial internet as we know it today. Communication was made near instant with the introduction of instant messages via the internet. The emergence of the World Wide Web and the creation of online social networks transformed the internet from just being a network used by governments’ agencies and education facilities to something used by the wide public. This creative use of the network facilities changed human culture world over and their interactions in the long run.

Uses of the Internet

The uses of the internet seem to be limited by human creativity and interest. At its infancy, the use was largely a preserve in personal computers. The recent trend in Net usage, however, has been driven by mobile phone internet connection.

The traditional uses of internet service have been in education, social networking, entertainment, telecommunication, electronic business, crowdsourcing and much more. These have been transferred to mobile platforms where they can be accessed on the go on mobile phones. This has seen the development and rise to popularity of mobile applications.