What is Hulu Plus? Does it Offer 4K Videos?

What is Hulu or Hulu Plus?

Hulu is a Video Streaming Service provider that allows users streaming Movies, TV Shows etc.. Hulu is also known as Hulu Plus. Since its launch, Hulu provided free streaming service for many TV episodes, so the premium plan was known as Hulu Plus. However, the free service is not available anymore.

Hulu has over 12-million subscriber and they are partnered with over 400 content makers. Hulu is the best video streaming service provider if you are among those people who love watching current-season episodes. They make them available the very next day after the episode goes air.

Does Hulu Offer 4K or Ultra HD Videos?

No, Hulu doesn’t offer 4K. You are limited to HD videos only. You can stream HD videos as long as you have a compatible device, and fast internet connectivity.

How much does Hulu Cost?

Hulu has 2 types of subscription plan;

  1. $7.99/month with limited commercials
  2. $11.99/month without commercials

They also offer free trial. Usually, free trial is limited to one week, but they keep providing a month free trial now and then.