What is Ethernet

Ethernet refers to a networking technology that is used to install local area networks. It is an equipment that comes in a specified standard called IEEE 802.3. Ethernet was first designed by Xerox after a previous technology specification known as Aloha net.

  • Typically, Ethernet uses a pair of twisted wires of a special grade or coaxial cable to develop a local area network.
  • Ethernet can also serve to connect wireless local area networks. Ethernet systems that are mostly installed are known as 10BASE-T. These have the capacity to provide speeds of up to ten megabytes per second.
  • The Ethernet device is linked to a capable and contest for entry through the ‘Carrier Sense Multiple Access.

Ethernet on a Computer Network

  • When computers are networked using Ethernet networking technology, such a network is referred to as an Ethernet network.
  • These networks are typically developed where several computers are linked to each other sharing a single internet protocol address.
  • These networks usually have more than one computers connected on a single server. This helps because there is no need to create multiple networks.
  • On the other hand, connections via Ethernet networks make all computers on the network vulnerable to viruses, malware, and hacking in case a computer on the system is attacked.

Components of an Ethernet Network

An Ethernet network has several components that enable it to function.

1. An Ethernet Cable: – This is an important cord that serves the purpose of connecting computers to a single network. Each computer has to have an Ethernet cable to enable it to function on an Ethernet network.

2. An Ethernet Hub: – This device is necessary for stringing all Ethernet cables that connect the computers to a single network together. There are several ports on an Ethernet hub.

3. Crossover Cable: – This is a cable that serves as a substitute to Ethernet cables in situations where there is need to connect computers on a single Ethernet network.

4. Router: – This resembles an Ethernet cable in the sense that it links devices together. Routers are commonly used in smaller local area networks. For instance, big institutions or businesses use Ethernet cables while small elementary schools go for routers. Systems that have many computers such as wide area networks cannot use routers; they need Ethernet cables instead because routers are only designed to serve short distances. There are some local area networks that cannot be sustained by routers but need Ethernet cables.

Simple Ethernet Networks: – Simple ether-nets networks are as follows.

1. Crossover Networks

This type of Ethernet network is done using two devices only. It involves placing a crossover cable inside two ports to enable two computers to function on a single Ethernet network. These networks are mostly used for games, sharing files or printing. The networks share no internet connection.

2. Hub Networks

These feature a one or two computers plus an Ethernet cable. They are usually designed for purposes of sharing or printing files but they are never used for connecting internet. Where the distances covered are small, routers are used instead of Ether cable.

3. Routers that have Shared Internet Links

This type of Ethernet network enables computers to connect to the internet. In such networks, the routers are used as Wi-Fi devices. Any person can log onto the router to get access to the internet.