What is Botnet

Botnet is a major security threat for computer, mobile device users who are connected to a network. Botnet is also known as zombie network. The term “bots” used as computer program runs automated task over the internet to do simple repeated work. A botnet is a network of such computers connected via the Internet.

Effects of Botnet

Your personal device has been controlled remotely by some malicious code act like bots. Botnets can have crucial effects; for example, it can be used to take down websites, steal information for use in identity theft or send spam emails. If you take care of preventing malicious advances like botnets then you can stop your machine from damaging other machines.

If your computer becomes part of a botnet network, it helps to spread computer viruses under the control of a host computer and users may unaware of that fact. Botnet networks infect and adapt with personal computers using computer viruses. After that, it uses the infected computers to spread the virus further and expand the botnet.

Detecting a botnet on your computer is difficult, as there may be no evidence to show the presence of malicious code. Your computer may start running more slowly than before if it’s present there Using an internet security application and activation of the firewall will keep you safe from Botnet.

Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS)

Botnets are used to take down a website; especially eCommerce based website or other internet services in distributed denial of service attack. In DDoS attack, multiple calls are made on a particular site or service to create an excess demand which the company can’t cope with and result in ceased in functionality. This type of attacks has an adverse effect in the e-commerce based website.

Malware and scam distribution

Botnets often used to distribute malware via email or automatically by entering into infested website. This malware turns your computer into a zombie of botnet network. Botnets are also used to send out scam messages via email and sometimes via social networking sites.

Click Fraud by botnet

Click Fraud is a common phenomenon in today’s digital marketing. Pay-per-click advertisements refer to ads that are hosted on an individual’s website. If someone clicks on the ad, the host receives a small sum of money. Botnets are used to generate millions of fraudulent clicks, generating large revenue streams for site owners. It also costs less than real page views by human and its bad for the company who gives ads as the sales volume remains low.


Spam is used to send multiple messages to a number of unconscious recipients by emails, SMS, posting on internet message board, social networks. These messages contain commercial information such as links to dubious online pharmacies, controversial products, sites selling counterfeit goods. Botnet used to send large amounts of spam automatically and repeatedly which take away the processing power and bandwidth of victims’ computers

Conclusion of botnet

Botnet is a major threat to expansion of the internet and all netizen should be aware it. Setting up a firewall, using internet security and regular checkup computer for viruses can be a possible solution. You also need to make sure you Ignored emails from sources you do not trust and files sent from chat rooms. So, beware of the botnet and browse safely.