What is VNC (Virtual Networking Computing)

VNC is abbreviated as Virtual Networking Computing. It is a desktop sharing system that helps you to access and control another system from your system by remotely.

  • It functions by transmitting all the mouse and keyboard movements from the computer you are using to the other client computer (large)
  • The system has to have a platform. This is to mean that if you are working on a client computer running on a particular operating system, you cannot access a server (VNC) that run on another different Operating System
  • There are many different types of servers and clients that are available for the different GUI systems. There are however others that work on Java too. Others however only run on Windows platform.

Uses of VNC systems

These kinds of systems have very many uses that make work easier for individuals as well as businesses. For instance, it helps you to the remote support means that if you run into a problem with one single computer, you can always connect to the computer’s network so that you can troubleshoot the problems. You can use the Virtual Network Computing in different situations.

  • This kind of program is used by IT support, system administrators as well as help desks. Administrators can use it to take over an employee’s computer.
  • It can be used effectively by those who would want to access their work files while from their computers at work.

Benefits of using a VNC

  • You can save some money on all the hardware requirements. It allows one to make use of the older computers and run one of the recent programs. This allows you to get fewer computers.
  • In the event of calamity, you can restore all the data that you lost as all the data on the virtual desktops were stored on the secondary data center

Cons of VNC programs

  • Security is one of the major problems when using these programs. These systems, for the most part, do not have any security features whatsoever. As such, if you have a virus on the thin client, you can easily compromise the whole network. You, as a result, have to download a security program to keep the hackers away and reduce the risks.
  • The other con is the performance. The program will only be as the slowest network connection that you have. Therefore, if you have a very slow connection, you will find it hard to connect to the large client.
  • The program can also be complex especially if you are using more than one client, service provider and protocols.

However, whether the challenges are balanced and the strengths will depend on the reason for you using the program.

Buying a VNC Program

All the VNC programs are the best to you. You, therefore, have to make some considerations in order to make an informed decision.

  • Consider the price of the program
  • Determine whether you meant a mobile solution or not
  • Know what you want to do with the VNC as this will determine the features that you will pick out.