What is SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

SSL stands for secure sockets layer, and it is a security technology that creates encryption between network servers and browser. It is a great algorithm that protects the network connections and uses in most of the commercial websites. The best server that using secure socket layer is by proxy Apache.

The requirements of SSL connections is indicated by replacing the http scheme in uniform resource locator (URL) with https. When a secure connection has been done, the browser shows a small locked padlock at the bottom of the browser.

The correct installation of SSL server helps to secure the communication between the network server and browser. But security can be conceded in other ways. The attacker can get the remote access to the server and edit the application logic that controls the credit card transactions, where the details of credit cards are stored in SQL database that connected to the internet with a password. So the hacker can have an access and install key logging program.

So Secure socket layer is an important security technology to secure internet infrastructure and keep away the hackers.

SSL and Certificates

To maintain secure sockets layer in a server, it is mandatory to have a certificate called as X.509 digital certificate. It ensures that server is registered with a valid certificate authority.

One of the best ways to use SSL, we have to install server wide certificate by using internet information server. We can get our own certificate for the purpose of testing. During deploying you have to use genuine certificate such as Verisign. The best way to purchase certificate is by creating request and send to a concerned authority who is responsible for certification.

After the purchase of certificate and installed, we have to ensure that client request uses a URL that starts with https (hypertext transfer protocol secure) instead of http for the purpose of SSL encryption.

Why SSL is Required

As we discussed above, an attacker can easily get the access for administrator server access and get all the details of credit card details. In order to have trusted business, every online business must use SSL to protect the payment details. If you are doing any financial transaction i.e acceptance of credit card or debit card, it is mandatory to install SSL on your website and protect your website with Secure sockets layer.

For example, if you are recharging your mobile from the freecharge website, during payment you have to provide credit card details and payment will be done through SSL security.

From below images, the address bar is highlighted with a green that indicates the connection of website is sure.


One more example of SSL digital certificate authority.



SSL is important in an E-commerce marketing for internet financial transactions and it creates a solid layer of security for the transmission of the files.