What are Seeds or Seeding in Torrent?

In short, Seeding is Uploading.

Torrent is a peer-to-peer downloading client. A Downloaders is called a peer. A Peer becomes a Seeder when he/she starts seeding the file. Seeding automatically starts after downloading is complete. You can also enable Seeding at the beginning of the download from Torrent’s Setting.

Take a look at the image below and understand the seed section.


What does 33 (337) mean under Seeds section?

  • 337 users have downloaded the file completely (100%).
  • 33 users are seeding (uploading the file).
  • The rest of the users (337 – 33) have either shut down the torrent app or stopped the seeding.

Why Seeding is important?

The first seeder is the person who uploads the torrent seeds for other users and then the file becomes accessible to other users. However, Torrent doesn’t work like normal downloading where you download files from a particular server. You basically grab the file from other users who have already downloaded the file, and this is possible only when the other users (peers) seed the file. If you don’t seed to other peers (users), the download speed will be lower or the file may not even download. So seeding is very important and it’s a give back to the community, so don’t be selfish if you are not on a limited internet connection.