How much data does Netflix use, and how to control cellular data usage?


Netflix is the most popular legal video streaming service provider that allows users to stream movies and TV shows on Computer, Smartphones, Tablets and Smart TVs. Netflix offers Videos in Ultra HD, HD, and Non-HD quality. We already know that streaming an HD or Ultra HD video on Netflix consumes lots of data, but how much?

How much data does Netflix use?

  • Low-Quality Video : around 300 MB each hour
  • Medium-Quality Video : around 700 MB each hour
  • High Quality – HD Video : up to 3GB each hour
  • Super High Quality – Ultra HD Video : up to 7GB each hour

How to control data usage while streaming videos on Netflix?

Netflix allows creating multiple profiles for each account, and each profile can have a different setting. Make a Profile, and go to your Account Pagemake sure you are under My Profile section, and select PlayBack Settings. Now you can make the change here. However, please do understand that changing settings will affect only current account. You must use Netflix with this profile on your device to reduce data consumption. Lowering data consumption will affect video quality as well.

Using Netflix over WiFi may not bother you, but this tip is very helpful when you are using Netflix on cellular data.