What is Google Gravity all about ?

Google Gravity is a project that has been created for fun only. It doesn’t serve you with any useful information. When you visit Mr Doob’s Gravity website, a page like Google Search will appear, but it falls down like a building has collapsed. You can show you children to keep them entertained, but there is nothing funny for a mature person.

There are various types of gravity that has been applied to Google Search engine, you can visit these pages to check them;

  1. Zero Gravity : http://mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/google-gravity/
  2. Space Gravity : http://mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/google-space/

Is there any alternative to Mr Doob’s Google Gravity Project?

Yeah, Egloog has also made some similar website with the fun Google gravity effect. They have also made Zero gravity and Underwater gravity. Egloog has also mirrored it its page to make it look different. Here are the links you can visit to check.

  1. Zero Gravity : http://elgoog.im/gravity/
  2. Underwater Gravity : http://elgoog.im/underwater/