What does Fakku Website offer to its visitors


Fakku is a popular website among those who like reading Adult and Pornographic contents. However, the website is completely based on Manga and Anime type of contents. Some people also call it Hentai contents. Here are everything Fakku.Net website offers;

What can you do on Fakku.Net

All they offer is sexual magazines and books. These magazines or books are actually called Manga because all the reading materials they offer follow Japanese Style Animation. These pornographic Mangas are available in Black & White as well as color. However, all the contents they offer on their website are paid. You can check the cover photo, read users’ comments or reviews, but you must pay to read the full content.

Fukku.Net provides books in digital format, but you can also choose to get printed version. Digital format of the book costs almost half compared to those available in printed version. Users are allowed to download all the Fakku books after payment. So users can print the book easily after getting a digital copy. Paper format of the book takes too long to ship.

Note : All Fakku Books, Magazines, or Mangas are uncensored. Each and every image on their magazine is clearly illustrated.

They also have a Forum that users can join, and share their thought among each other. However, the forum is kind of sexual as well. All you will find on the forum is F*** and S**.