What does archive an email mean in GMail, Outlook and Yahoo Mail

What Does Archive Mean?

Before we go ahead to tell you what is archiving an email, you should understand what Archive really means. In digital world or technology, Archive means “to store something in Archive.” In another word ” to store or transfer something to a folder or storage that you don’t use much.”

What does archive an email Mean?

When you archive an email it is moved to a specific folder, but all email providers have its own way to archive. Regardless of what email service you are using, an archived email is moved from inbox to a different folder, and this is an effective way to get rid of Inbox clutter. Archived emails are not deleted or sent to Trash, it will pop in Inbox automatically when you receive a reply in your archived mail.

GMail Users

When you archive an email in Gmail, it is moved to All Mail folder, that is actually a pre-added label.

HotMail or OutLook Users (Web Interface)

When you Archive an email for the first time, you will be asked to create a folder to keep archived emails or select an existing folder. This way, you will know where all the email goes.

Yahoo Mail Users

Yahoo already has a dedicated Archive folder. All the archived emails are moved to Archive folder.

Outlook Application

Archiving emails in Outlook mean to move them to local storage. When you select to archive, you will be asked where you want to save them.