What is Slither.io all about

Before we go ahead and tell you what Slither is all about, let’s know what does Slither mean.

What does Slither mean?

Slither means “move smoothly back and forth or in twisting motion over a surface.”

What is Slither.io all about?

Slither.io is a website that allows its users to play Snake Game, some people also know it as worm game. Snake game is not something new that you have heard for the first time, but Slither.io has modernize the game with cool graphic and features. It allows to play against online player or computer. Slither.io also has application for Android and iOS device. When you visit Slither.io from a mobile device, it will tell you to download the app for better experience.

Here is a screenshot from Slither.io website how it looks while playing game.

Slither io explanation