Rendering, What is real time rendering ?

Real-time rendering is a technique or a method of graphic rendering. This particular term “real-time rendering” is exclusive to video games only, that helps the graphics to load. With this technique, frames of a game are loaded swiftly to make images that mimic actual movement. This is how video game developers create and design interactive worlds. Keep in mind that rendering can only be considered as real-time when its speed is at least 15fps (frames per second). Rendering a technique; however, the main component is video card; a hardware device that permits rendering.

Benefits of Real-time Rendering.

When somebody plays a 3D video game, it must seem to the player that his or her character is going through a real-time environment and executing all the moves smoothly. How does it work? Actually, the term used “smooth” is not the reality. The game appears smooth due to real-time rendering; if the real-time rendering is too swift, it will automatically create a smooth like effect. Apart from the design as well as the smoothness, real-time rendering has another benefit; making video games interactive. Mario and other pre-rendered game were not fully interactive, as only a few objects could be moved; however, due to the advancement of the technology, we can play interactive games which are no more static. Games are incorporating with real-time rendering usually have complex interactions. The official minimum rendering speed should be 15 FPS, but it takes a lot of frames to create a smooth effect; around 60-70FPS as per the current games.

Video Cards

Video cards are the panacea for all those who wants to play interactive games, due to the fact that computer games without video cards doesn’t support real-time rendering. The video card loads as well as generate all the graphic in a PC, and it should include high specifications in order to ensure the quality of rendering. A lot of people cannot play GTA5 as they have outdated as well as weak video cards that cannot render smoothly. A poor graphic card will support the real-time rendering due to the less make up of the images. Therefore,  a high quality graphics card is necessary to enjoy real-time rendering.


Pre-rendering means that the game’s structure is already rendered and situated within the game’s memory. It is just the opposite of rendering and is advantageous in playing old video games, without the need of a graphic card.