What is mAh, What does it Stand for?

What does mAh Stand for?

mAh stands for milliampere-hour

What is mAh?

One milliampere-hour is 1000th of an Ampere-hour

Whether it’s an Ampere-hour or milliampere-hour both are used to define the electrical charge that a battery can hold. In simple word, it defines the charging capacity of a battery, so people can understand how long a device can run on battery.

Example : iPhone 6s with 1715 mAh battery can run 7 to 10 hours, and then battery will require charging. However, iPhone 6s Plus with 2750 mAh battery can run 12 to 15 hours on battery. Higher mAh means more powerful battery with more run time.

Whatever the battery mAh is, the capacity of the battery is dependent on discharge rate. For example, 3000 mAh battery can supply 30 mAh for 300 hours, or 300 mAh for 30 hours or 3000 mAh for 1 hour.