What Does Handbook Of “Monte Carlo Methods” Explain?

What’s The Price Of “Monte Carlo Methods Handbook?

This book is published in 2011. It explains in detail the theory and practice of Monte Carlo methods. For example, it explains how to generate billions of random numbers and ensure that the numbers are really random. For example, MATLAB uses the Mersenne Twister algorithm by default, but in fact, this method is not suitable for Monte Carlo methods because of the fact that when you get an extremely low number from this algorithm, the next number will more likely be a low number as well. So, this book teaches us how to generate random numbers appropriate to Monte Carlo methods.

The official citation for the book is:

D.P. Kroese, T. Taimre, Z.I. Botev (2011). Handbook of Monte Carlo Methods,
Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics, John Wiley and Sons, New York.

Handbook of Monte Carlo Methods cover

The new book is currently listed at $139.00  and $89.99 for used books.