What is WWW (World Wide Web)

What is World Wide Web? definition and meaning of WWW – The world wide web is also called as “WWW”, it allows computer users to locate and access the multimedia based documents on any information over the internet. When we are talking about surfing the net, that means we are connecting world wide web pages around the world.

World wide web often referred as the web and it is one of the reason for the internet to become popular day by day. WWW is a part of the internet that the users use to see the website and web pages. This website and web pages are accessed with the help of browsers are like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc. All these web pages are linked in the form of language called hypertext so that users can easily access the websites from the internet.

Like the internet, world wide web (www) is growing rapidly in a digital world and usage of web is increasing day by day. The web can also be used by programs to transfer information from one program to another program to get the results, these are known as web servers.

Browsers are used to view the web page documents by typing website address called as URL (Uniform resource locator). The URL consists a number of instructions that are read and interpreted by web browser and web page is displayed on the browser.

The web address looks like http://www.techgrapple.com/internet/document.html.

Protocol:HTTP or HTTPS is the data transmitting protocol used by the world wide web. It specifies how the document is to be formatted and transfer to the users.

Domain: – Domain is a unique website name of internet address, like unique contact address. It is used to identify and view the webpages. The last three digit for dot indicates the type of organization you are dealing with. The top level domains that are used are as follows.

.com Commercial
.co.in India Domain
.co.us US domain
.edu Education
.net Network Operations
.gov Government
.org Organization

Directory: – Directory can be a title of page or post, it contains files, images, information, and documents.

Document: – It is the name of the document that browser opens to the users.

History of World wide Web: –

  • The www was developed and introduced in 1991 by the Tim Berners Lee.
  • In 1993, the first web browser called Mosaic was developed by the NCSA.
  • During 1993, 50 web servers were developed around the world.
  • At the end of year 1993, around 500 web server were developed around the world.


  1. WWW enables work easier and you can work anywhere around the world.
  2. World wide web enables business organizations to get worldwide exposure.
  3. You can send any information instantly and conveniently around the world.
  4. Every website has their own unique “www” address and with help of www address we can get any information on a particular website.

So the world wide web is a fastest growing and has become the primary technology platform that delivers web based information resources and services around the world.

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