What is File Sharing

File sharing as the name indicates, refer to the methods and processes of sharing information. This information is a set of data that can be in any format and hence named as a file. It can be a text, image, video, audio, binary or any other type of information in the form of a file. Every second, millions and trillion of data is being stored, retrieved and transmitted using file sharing algorithms and protocol. All the communication in the world is not possible without file sharing. Before the advent of computers, files were shared physically using paper or any other media. These days, files are shared using computers, wires, and other wireless media to communicate. We are encompassed by the application of file sharing. In computing, file or information is shared using different mediums. Here are some of the common ways to share a file.

1. Wire

Wire transfer is one of the fastest and secure methods of information sharing that has a huge number of applications. Ever thought how a file from your desktop reaches your printer and then you can see it on paper? Or how you just copy all your data from mobile to laptop and vice versa? These are the applications of file sharing through the wire. Its drawbacks include cost and not being portable. Wires are physical hardware component and therefore you need to bear the cost. This method is also not very flexible due to its non-portability. Of course, you cannot drag your printer with you everywhere.

2. Bluetooth / Infrared / Wi-Fi

These wireless file sharing transfer methods are widely used all over the world sure to their portability and ease of access. Before the advent of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth was greatly used, however, Wi-Fi has now reduced its use. Wi-Fi does not only allow you to connect to the internet but also enables you to share files and information with other devices. There are many types of equipment being introduced in the market that can be controlled using Wi-Fi. Some of them are Wi-Fi locks, Wi-Fi washing machines, fans, lights and many others.

3. Cloud Sharing

Cloud refers to an online storage space created using the internet. It is totally free and portable and we can find a different type of clouds such as private cloud and public cloud. You can get an access to it from any part of the world. It is not at all location, device, and wire dependent.

Cloud sharing is preferred and used by most of the people all over the world. There are many websites and organizations that provide free or premium cloud access and provide support and functionalities that you need for efficient file sharing. Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox and Mega share are few big names that we can see in the cloud file sharing. These drives let you upload, edit or download the files.

You can also share the files with anyone you like. With an access to the internet, you can log in to your drive and get your files anywhere in the world. Some of the drives like drop box also offer the desktop tools. You can download the tool and it creates a folder on your hard drive in PC. This folder gets synchronized to the online drive whenever you connect to the internet.

So file sharing technology enables to share the information everywhere around the world.