What is a Computer Virus

What is Computer Virus? Definition and Meaning of A computer virus – It is a dangerous software or program that was created to infect the computer by deleting all the files or attacks on other computer systems. So computer virus is a malicious code that attacks your computer and destroys all the important data, steals your personal information.

A virus attacks your computer when you install any infects software programs or copying infected virus files into your computer system. When you connected your computer to the internet and unfortunately you open a programs or spam, it attacks your files. So it is important to protect your computer from these types of dangerous virus.

How to Protect our system from Computer virus

  • Don’t open any attachments from spam mail, those spamming emails may contain malicious programs that attack your computer.
  • Never click or open any links that you received by email or instant messages.
  • Never install unwanted software’s in your PC because those software makes systems to run dead slow.
  • Don’t download files or software’s from an infected website, it is important to download from reliable websites.
  • Install premium antivirus software, update it regularly and scan your PC to find out any infected computer virus. e.g. Kaspersky antivirus
  • Install a firewall and it prevents an unauthorized person to access the files from the internet.
  • Never respond to a spam mail. If you respond to the mail, you are approving that your email address is working.

How to enable security in your system

Go to your system security center settings and check all the problems that to be resolved. It notifies the notification if your system antivirus is outdated and your PC operating system needs to be updated. So update all the

Effects of a computer virus 

  • It slows your computer performs
  • Sometimes your computer restarts suddenly and crashes your files.
  • There will be a chance of hacking your personal data that related to financial data.
  • It crashes your system permanently.
  • A good computer will get infected by a virus, if you transfer files from infected PC to good PC.

Antivirus software: –

It is important to install antivirus software to protect from computer virus. This antivirus checks all the incoming and outgoing message for the virus. For example, if your friend sends any email with an attachment, and we should not assume that attachment is safe to open. Your friend computer may be infected with a virus and email attachment is effected by virus. So antivirus program scans email before you open the attachments.

So the best way to protect our system from infected computer virus is by installing antivirus programs, updating computer OS and enabling the firewall.