What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Own Death?

Dreaming of your own death

Surely on some occasions, you have woken up scared or upset because, in your nightmare, you dreamed that you died which leaves a bad sensation when you wake up, then we will mention the real meanings before this horrible dream.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Own Death?

Dreaming that you die in your own dream, usually symbolizes the changes you are going to experience, a transformation, which will define the positive development that is happening inside you. Even though this dream may bring fear or anxiety, you should not be alarmed. In fact, it is a dream commonly considered a dream with positive messages.

In more common terms, dying in your dream or experiencing that you die, announces that great changes are coming, which will make you leave your past behind to have a prosperous present. However, death in a dream does not mean a physical departure but the end of a context or situation.

Similarly, if you want to know in negative terms, death in a dream also means that you feel overwhelmed by a strong situation or conflicts with someone important, that is why you may feel depressed. It may also be that you are seriously concerned about someone who is terminally ill.

So you can also be trying to get out of an obligation, responsibility, or the other situation and this dream tells you how complicated it will be. To see someone die in their dream means that their feelings about that person are dead or that a significant change or loss occurs in their relationship with that person.

Death, from distant times, has been interpreted and understood only as a change of life; perhaps from a difficult life, from trial and intense work to another of peace and tranquility. True or not, that is precisely one of the symbols of death in dreams: the change of life.

Dreaming of death itself suggests that you long for a major change of life, for example, in the economy, in the home, in employment, in business occupations, always ends in a total renewal in your daily life.

Dreaming that you see and talk to your deceased parents, represents your fears of losing them or your way of facing loss. In the event that your parents are still alive but in the dream they are dead, it means that this is warning you of the possibility of their loss at the same time it serves as the last opportunity to improve your relationship with them, like telling them everything that you have always wanted to tell them things that you have not dared. It is also an opportunity to say goodbye to them.

On the other hand, dreaming that you see your dead sister, or a relative or a good friend means that you miss them too much and you are trying to relive your old experiences with them.

Dreaming of a dead friend means that you need a lot and your subconscious tries to relive experiences that lived with him or her. When trying to follow normally with your daily life, these dreams with deceased people represent the only way out to assume the loss or death of a loved one. If you dream that your deceased parents are resurrected, it is a very good omen, they announce moments of happiness, joy. If you are married and you dream of the death of your wife/husband, it is bad, because it presages ruin in your business.

On the other hand, dreaming about the death of your son, as horrible as the idea may seem, is a good omen, because it means that you can avoid danger or an accident, also, that you will know how to beat an enemy. On the other hand, if the one who dies is a daughter, it is a bad omen, since it announces a disgrace or a very great, imminent disgust.

Dreaming of someone who died a long time ago indicates that the person is currently at your side, which is very similar to the deceased you dream of.

When in our dream we see the angel of death, it means that an evil spirit is bothering us in our mind, although sometimes it means that there is danger nearby.