What Does Catch-21 and Catch-22 Situation Mean?

Catch-21 Situation Meaning

It is not commonly used, but you should still know the meaning.

Catch-21 Situation is used to define a meaningless, rather senseless situation.

For example,
Someone telling you that you cannot speak English unless you get a bachelor’s degree.
You cannot type on a Computer unless you learn to type using a Typewriting Machine.

What Does Catch-22 Situation Mean?

This is something often used by people. Let’s learn what it means.

Meaning 1: Catch-22 Situation means you are in a dilemma or in such a situation where you must do one thing to achieve another.

For example,
My dad will not give any share in his property unless I marry the girl of his choice. It’s a catch-22 situation for me. (there is still some possibility here that you may decide to accept this).

Meaning 2: However, Catch-22 is also used sometimes for impossible things. In other words, you need to do one thing but that depends on another thing that is impossible or close to impossible to achieve.

For example,
You can’t find your glassses, but you need glasses to find your glasses.
You want to apply for a Credit Card, but the Bank has the rule that they give Credit Card to only those who already have at least a Credit Card.