What is Environment – Definition and Meaning

What is Environment?

Environment refers to a life form’s surroundings. It incorporates all the organisms and the nonliving elements such as light, temperature, soil, air, and water. Environment affects every organism, including the humans and Ecology, is completely concerned with it. On the other hand, sociology is involved with “human ” environments because it is related to cultural and social conditions. Psychology often discusses the roles of the environment as well as the heredity in forming the personality of an individual. More formerly, it is called as the natural environment, as it encompasses all the nature’s elements. Instead of saying “nonliving things”, we can use a more appropriate word called Natural Forces. So basically, the environment includes natural forces as well as the organisms (living things).

Nature of the Earth

The nature of the earth, environment, in which people and different life forms must live has turned into a key issue from past a few decades. Cutting edge technological innovations and a swiftly increasing human population have added pollution to such a degree, that most of the scientists and researchers believe the continuing presence of all the organisms including human is in danger. Pesticides, noise, smoke, exhaust fumes, sewage, industrial wastes, non-recycling, and many other pollutants are triggering severe environmental issues.

Environment is a gift, a portion of ecology

We humans think that we have every right to control the planet; however, a natural element cannot be controlled; if tried, it will be destroyed. Everything we eat and everything little thing that we build comes out of the environment. Different woodlands and forests became cities, streets, skyscrapers; however, it genuinely looks beautiful from our vision, but it is gradually changing our environment. We are actually trying to make this world more comfortable to our needs. Our hunger will destroy all the natural elements, and unfortunately, we cannot remake our world.

Bottom Line

The atmosphere of our planet has changed because of our selfishness. We are the reason of global climate change and we are the only ones who can change it. Things are becoming more and more lethargic due to the pollution which is eating out our own environment; poisoning the ecosystems with dangerous substances and chemicals. Instead of correcting the mistake by planting trees and preserving forests, humans have started buying air-purifiers; again, it is a selfish act. Willian F. Ruddiman, great environmental scientists as well as the palaeoclimatologist, says that human-induced changes are triggered by excessive farming activities, 8000 years ago. In order to study environment, we have to focus more on the natural environment instead of the built environment.