Definition of Niche

Niche is a part of space found in the construction of a room, with regards to the architecture. An extra space which has no purpose in the room is called a niche; however, by incorporating this extra space, it is conceivable to make extra places around the house that provide an inmate look and comfortable to display the creative structure as well as the accessories. It can be recessed in the wall, the spaces below windows, and space under a stairwell. A niche can be viewed as a liability or an asset in a room. For folks who want to be more creative with the extra space, view niche as a positive aspect, while the people who incline to the plainer decor view it as an un-welcoming element; waste of space or extra layout.

Tips for using a Niche

  • There are many ways to use niche in the best manner; however, it depends on several factors. The first step is to consider the purpose for the bigger space where niche is located. This will help you determine what exactly is good and appropriate for that area. For instance, a niche situated in the dining area wouldn’t be a good place to install a reading furniture; seat and pillows, however, might be perfect for recessing a breakfront cabinet incorporated with a mirror that allows the room to look bigger. Thus, the best use can only be determined by the purpose as well as the area.
  • Another thing to consider is the location of the niche. If it is easily visible, then something special like a statue or ornaments can be used to improve the visual appearance of the focal people. For example, if the niche is just inside opposite to the door, it should be enhanced with nice. However, if it is not easily viewed, it is better to draw attention away from it by using something. So the purpose can change according to the location.

Bottom Line

Think about its architectural detail like how it is dressed. If the niche is under the staircase, then you can consider installing a two drawer chest or maybe a bookshelf so that the area will spruce up due to the functionality. The key to use a niche is to make it functional. Yes, it is a key principle. Above mentioned tips are basic to casual and may differ from niche to niche and person to person; however, the one and only smart rule is to utilize it in a way that it appear completely function, even if it is not. If you are still skeptical about the utilization, then watch a video about it, to get some really amazing ideas.