What does i mean in Apple Products

Apple has various products, services and apps that starts with the small “i”. Here is the list;

  1. iPhone
  2. iPad
  3. iPod Touch
  4. iMac
  5. iTunes
  6. iMessage
  7. iCloud
  8. iMovie
  9. iOS
  10. iWork

What does “i” Mean in Apple Products, Services or Apps

i mean in apple products

Steve Jobs explained what “i” means in 1998 when he introduced iMac. However, he didn’t mentioned one specific meaning. According to Steve Jobs small i in Apple products refers to;

  • Individual
  • Internet
  • Inspire
  • Inform
  • Instruct

So there are 5 meanings, and you can assume any of the one or all based on the product, app or service you are using. For example, if you want to know what “i” means in iMovie, that’s not something that will relate to Internet. iMovie allows to edit videos, and its user interface is very good that makes the app easy to use and understand. So Instruct or Inspire may fit in this situation. Yo can inspire people Editing and Making┬ásome awesome videos with iMovie.